North and Mid Wales


What's the Conference About?

BCUHB serves the healthcare needs for the people of North Wales, and our staff, we know, are doing lots to improve the quality of care and service we provide on a day to day basis.  

The purpose of this conference is to provide an opportunity for us to tell others what we are doing, as a sharing of thoughts and ideas, and importantly also a celebration of our enthusiasm and success.

The conference will be purposefully designed to support learning and networking, and thereby ensure delegates get most benefit and enjoy the day.  

Structured mostly through "World Café" type breakout sessions, there will be opportunities to hear about many of the big quality improvement projects running in BCUHB, as well as others where you can learn about various aspects of quality improvement tools.

Demonstrating BCUs commitment to Quality, the conference will be launched by Gary Doherty, and with executive director colleagues he will launch the revised "Quality Improvement Strategy".

How will staff contribute?

  • We would very much encourage all staff to consider committing to participating through poster presentations of your quality improvement or audit projects, these being, we intend at the heart of the conference.
  • In addition we would like Departments (e.g. Finance, Workforce, Informatics, Estates, Out Patients, Library, File Library, Radiology etc.) to consider setting up a market stall and use this to advertise the work you do, and tell people what you are doing to improve the service you provide to your customers-if you are interested in hosting a market stall please contact 

What Now?.... Time is short so...spaces are limited to 150 staff 
To reserve a space please email and state the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Job title
  3. Area working ie West, East, Centre
  4. Employee number 
  5. Dietary requirements

Please note: By emailing in this does not guarantee a space, we will confirm ASAP after receipt of your email whether you have a space reserved in order for you to book study leave.